3D & Compositing Services

3D & Compositing Services

2nd Dynasty was started in 2016 as a freelance company to handle large and small animation projects. Working in closely with Dockhus Animation, we provide a wide range of services in animation, including 3D modelling, animation and rendering, visual effects, and post production in After Effects.

Animation and Compositing for Film

We have worked on award-winning films, such as Gordon & Paddy (2017) (3D effects, compositing) and My Burden (2016) (compositing), and commissioned films, such as Project Sunrise (H&M Foundation, 2016) and Biogas 2020 (Innovatum/Interreg/EU, 2016).

We are able of quickly establishing a team that can handle large and small projects, specialising in the visualisation of information. We work primarily in Autodesk Maya and Adobe After Effects for animation and compositing respectively. A list of

  • Consulting
  • Project leadership and management
  • Manuscripts
  • Storyboarding
  • Animatics
  • Modelling, texturing and rigging
  • 3d Animation
  • Rendering
  • Compositing

3D Printing

Since 2017, we have also developed a heavy focus on 3D printing, designing and sculpting models for use in theme park attractions at Liseberg (2017), and creating our own line of science-fiction themed OpenLOCK-compatible 3D printed objects for tabletop role-playing and tabletop war gaming, which had great success on Kickstarter.

Our services include:

  • Sculpting & Modelling
  • Conversion
  • Prototyping (small scale only)
  • Commissions for tabletop role-playing or war gaming