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We design STL products for printing on your home 3D printer or with a print service. Check out the product categories below for more details.


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29th April 2022 No Comments

Starship: TNG Coming May 4th

Hi guys, long time no hear! Yes, we only bother you when there is something new on the horizon, but in this case, it is something old made new! In 2017, we launched our very first Kickstarter, Starship, and thanks to you guys, we started a journey that took us from a single hobbyist 3D artist […]

7th March 2022 No Comments

Beowulf and 3Dio

This week we have launched a new video and started work on Deck Designer 2. We feel that we need to rebrand Deck Designer, as the name, out of context, is readily associated with card deck designing, which does not adequately convey its purpose. Enter 3Dio Print Planner, 3Dio being short for 3D Diorama. It’s […]

24th November 2021 No Comments

Looking for Physical Models?

We have partnered with Only Games to provide already printed options for a selection of our miniatures and set dressing pieces. Although we will be working in the future to reduce prices for set dressing, we have competative prices for our 28 and 32mm character miniatures. Additionally, we have an introductory Black Friday/Week/Month offer for […]