Type S Scout/Courier

Type S Scout/Courier

On July 9th, 2021, we launched our very first Official Traveller RPG starship on My Mini Factory Crowdfunding. The campaign ended on August 2nd, having accumulated over $75,000 USD, thank you to all who pledged and helped us make a great start to our officially licensed Traveller partnership.

The Type S is a classic ship that premiered with the first version of Classic Traveller in 1977. We painstakingly reconstructed the ship from the T5 Murphy-Class deck plans, drawing inspiration from the Rob Caswell Suleiman scout from Megatraveller.

We also have sought help from our family of sculptors, including Papsikels, Flavored Pickle and Kyoushuneko Miniatures to bring a new line up of crew miniatures.

The Type J Seeker – a variant of Type S

The initial campaign have ended, but the story of the Type S is not over. In fact we have launched another Type S variant – the Type J Seeker.

The Type J is available as an upgrade or standalone ship, and adds a dorsal and ventral forward airlock, ore storage, and an alternative classic traveller aft.

Get the ships

We offer the Type S Scout/Courier and the Type J Seeker downable STL files at MyMiniFactory, you can get them by clicking the MyMiniFactory images below.