Chimera Pathfinder

Chimera Pathfinder

The Chimera Pathfinder is a 3d-printable 28-mm scale starship for tabletop play and display.

As a member of our Chimera range, it is a smaller, distinct deep space exploration ship initially launched during our fourth Kickstarter.

Model customised by Brian Jenkins

The Pathfinder has a fully detailed interior and compatibility with many other Starship Chimera parts.

Anyone with the Starship Chimera Kickstarter Edition (if they backed on Kickstarter or bought it on the Pledge Manager) can build the Pathfinder from existing parts.

Over three, detail-packed, modular decks, the ship features a bridge, mess, workshop, med bay, living quarters, cryogenic chambers, and a rearward cargo bay.

A 28-mm build on an FDM printer will come out to over two feet (60 cm) in length, and use around 4 kilograms of filament.

Get The Chimera Pathfinder

We offer The Chimera Pathfinder as a downloadable STL file collection. At present, the pledge manager for Starship V is open over on MyMiniFactory.com, which will allow you to get access to Kickstarter prices for a limited time!