Our 28mm Scale Starfighters

Our 28mm Scale Starfighters

Over the years we have added a variety of modular starfighters to our line up. These are fantastic starter builds that can be printed in a matter of hours rather than days, and fit into a wide variety of settings, from cyberpunk to near future, to space opera and far future galaxies.

Albin on the set of Operation Maelstrom

This all started way back in our Starship IV Kickstarter when we offered the Starfighter Modular System, a concept of producing several hull bodies and allowing them to be customised with different wings and weapons systems. Starship V saw a second round of customisable vehicles, and then through Tribes and Operation Maelstrom, we have continued to produce many options.

All of these products and much, much more, are found on our MyMiniFactory store page. Additionally, many of these craft were originally featured at a heavy discount on our Tribes.

Click on the links below to purchase, or scroll down for more information on each product.

Please note: Most of the information below is out of date or refers to the early days of our Starfighter collections.

Starfighter Modular System I

This pack allows you to create and customise a variety of starfighters in 28-mm scale, complete with pilots and detailed cockpit interiors.

An assortment of components in the pack

Starfighter Modular System II

This pack is our second starfighter pack and it includes four starfighter chassis, with five base variants, and a shuttle. The chassis are compatible with the original pack or as a standalone.