Transport Delta 1700-Series

Transport Delta 1700-Series

Wow your players with this awesome 28mm-scale freighter starship perfect for your rag-tag team of rebel fighters in a galaxy far, far away, a crew of starfinders, or as an incredible set piece for that Legion, Shatterpoint, or Stargrave game. Cruise the hyperspace lanes, haul cargo – legitimate or illicit – with two massive engines to get you from point A to point B. Manoeuvre with the fluidity of repulsor technology and defend yourself with manned or unmanned turrets and a powerful shield generator.

Detailed inside and out, the Delta 1700-Series has a single storey deck plan with a cockpit, living area, generous cargo bay, engineering section and of course, hidden underfloor cargo compartments. It’s armed with a double-barreled turret, powerful shield generator, and has an articulated ramp and two airlocks for entry.

2023 UPDATE!!!

Our brand new 2023 overhaul of the Transport Delta is called the 1700-series and replaces 95% of the original Transport Delta parts from 2019 with modernised parts suitable for modern FDM printing. Almost every single part has been remodelled, optimised and increased in detail.

  • Highly Detailed – Over 130 unique parts
  • Print Friendly – Almost zero supports required, and comes with eight 3mf build plates for fast and easy printing, get started in minutes!
  • Rescalable – Easily rescaled to 30 mm, 32 mm, 35mm, or larger
  • Modular Interior – Customise the layout however you like using other OpenLOCK tiles from 2nd Dynasty or other designers
  • Glueless Assembly – Assembles using the OpenLOCK clip system and its variants. Clips included.
  • Lighting Ready – The engines are designed to easily fit 5mm LED flat lights.
  • Fully Illustrated Assembly Manual – Includes a PDF with extensive descriptions of assembly

You can also modify your Transport Delta with seven different compatible variants: AsymmetricBig GunGunshipSaucerUpper CockpitUpper Deck and Long Transport. These variants should still be compatible with the 1700-series.

Compatible with the OpenLOCK system created by and available at Printable Scenery. You will need the basic OpenLOCK templates to print clips to connect these products, available from Printable Scenery. These tiles are commercially available versions of 2nd Dynasty’s 2019 Starship III Kickstarter.

Parts are designed in 28mm scale (1″ squares), but can be rescaled easily in your 3D printing software package.

NOTE: The old version is included for completion, but the 2.0 is the only type currently being supported.

We offer the Transport Delta 1700-Series as a downloadable STL file collection on a variety of sites, but our preferred distributor is MyMiniFactory, where we are able to offer our products at the most competitive prices.

Transport Delta includes a fully realised interior and exterior that can be printed on your home FDM 3D printer, or ordered through a print service to serve tabletop miniature play or display with 25-35mm miniatures.

Transport Delta
Delta’s Official Deck Plan

Transport Delta premiered during Starship III, and was updated in December 2023 to the 1700-Series.

Interior of the Transport Delta
Unique Interior Tiles
Standard Variant with Turrets Pack I by David Campbell

Transport Delta 1700-Series should be backwards compatible with almost all Delta variants, allowing it to be customised with a wide variety of modifications to the base hull, for example, asymmetric cockpits, upper decks, large turrets, or turning the ship into a flying saucer.

Note: None of these variants provide interior tiles, you need to design them yourselves from the base Delta parts.

Gunship Variant

The Gunship Variant adds the capability to replace the single gunport turret of the stock Delta with four turret points, significantly increasing the firepower of the ship.

More Guns? We got you covered!
Gunship Variant with Turrets Pack I by David Campbell

Asymmetric Variant

It’s no mistake what the inspiration for the Delta is, although absent the asymmetry of its primary influence. The Asymmetric Variant changes the silhouette of the Delta.

It does so also in a modular fashion, so you can expand the length of the ship, or even join two hulls together as one crazy ship. Joining to the side rings and cockpit, it can be adapted to all other variants of the Transport Delta.

Asymmetric Variant, with its side cockpit
Just one of many combinations possible…
A Symmetrical Asymmetrical Build by Jeffrey Fisher

Big Gun Variant

This Big Gun Variant adds the large barbette turret style of the Gunboat version of the scout ship to the Delta. Compatible with Turrets Pack IV.

Pack Some Capital Firepower…

Upper Deck Variant

The Upper Deck variant of the Delta adds a small cabin space and dorsal turret port which can be used for sporting another turret or an airlock ring (with Turrets Pack III).

The Upper Deck Variant
Example of the Interior Space

Saucer Variant

This circular Saucer Variant changes the profile of the Delta drastically, creating a saucer shape with the cockpit on its own upper level.

For Close Encounters…

Upper Cockpit Variant

For a little more cargo space, and additional docking capabilities, the Upper Cockpit Variant moves the cockpit from the nose of the ship to an upper deck.

Upper Cockpit Variant
Closeup of the Forward Airlock
Print by Kurt Weihs

Long Transport Variant

First making its appearance as an add-on to Starship IV: Chimera, the Long Transport Delta Variant extends the ship in sections to create a lengthier hull.

Find the Delta ship variants below:

Additionally, the following add-ons may be of interest. Turrets Pack I adds a variety of turrets and weapons. If you have the Kickstarter version of Transport Delta, you can use the hard points to add these weapons to the nose section, while these turrets will fit nicely, as will the ones from Turret Packs II and III. If you have the Big Gun Variant, Turrets Pack IV is also compatible with it.