Starship: The Next Generation

Starship: The Next Generation

In 2017, we launched our very first Kickstarter, Starship, and thanks to you guys, we started a journey that took us from a single hobbyist 3D artist to the team of four that 2nd Dynasty is today. We have made more than 10 full 28mm scale starships over the last five years, bringing amazing quality and detail to your tabletop…

But looking back, our original OpenLOCK tiles feel simplistic and dated by our current standards of detail, quality and printability. We wanted to do something about that, but we felt that it would not be right to Kickstart a revision of tiles you guys already funded.

And so we have partnered once again with My Mini Factory to deliver a serious upgrade to our original Starship tiles! Enter Starship: The Next Generation!

We launched on May 4th on My Mini Factory’s brand-new Frontiers platform, this campaign is small in scale, but huge in content! We have redesigned the Corridors and Engineering tiles from Starship, and released all 130+ tiles live on Frontiers! No waiting for a Kickstarter to fund, end and deliver, you can get printing the very same day, and boy are these tiles a lot easier to print!

Here’s a few features:

  • High Detail – We have increased the fidelity, proportions and detail of the pieces by several degrees of magnitude, which holds well in both in FDM and SLA prints
  • Optimised for FDM Printing – Print faster and with the best possible results for FDM prints
  • SLA Friendly – We have removed the built in OpenLOCK supports and most pieces should print straight off the build plate on resin printers (although we have only tested FDM so far)
  • Removable Top – Paint up a beautiful scene to wow your players, then remove the top half for action scenarios so that everyone can see the miniatures at the table
  • A Taste of the 3MF Future – Get whole print beds of parts with our Prusaslicer settings ready to print off the bat! We have several complete rooms that you can just import into Prusaslicer and get printing in just a few minutes

The campaign ended June 3rd.

Although we don’t have a funding goal, we will feature new tiles and upgrades, allowing us to tackle curved walls, diagonals, stairs, ladders and more! The more funds we get in during the first 30 days, the more free stuff you guys get!

The Starship: TNG STL-files are available at MyMiniFactory, you can get them by clicking the MyMiniFactory images below.