Type J Seeker

Type J Seeker

The Type J Seeker is an official Traveller starship licensed from Far Future Enterprises. It represents our second Traveller ship, which is simply a variant of the Type S Scout/Courier rebuilt for mining purposes.

Here we have the 28mm printed version with winglets, a missile turret, and a 1:270 Type A Free Trader (Ian Stead Style) in its hold

The Type J Seeker premiered as an add-on for the Traveller RPG Starship Miniatures Kickstarter we ran in 2021. A full 28mm (ca. 1:59) standalone was made available.

This version can be scaled down to 15 mm (1:100).

An upgrade version was made available for those who already own a 28mm Type S Scout/Courier.

The Type J is according to Traveller lore, created from a surplus scout/courier as a starting point, which is ultimately converted to a prospecting and mining ship for a small crew.

A render of the default configuration, showing the rear of the ship with its classic Traveller angles

Two of the four staterooms are removed, and the remaining two are converted to four one-ton spacer niches. The crew consists of a pilot and three crew members, although the ship can be operated by only one person.

The interior layout of the Type J

In practice, the Type J varies also from the standard Type S layout. While the bottom of the ship is almost identical, the Type J features a slightly longer rear hull and the classic angled rear of the Type S from earlier editions of Traveller. The layout also varies slightly from classic Traveller because the position of the landing gear bays has been moved for convenience.

Closeup of the 28mm Type J hold and FDM printed Type A Free Trader Beowulf (1:270)

In addition to the 28mm scale ships, we also made a 1:270 and tactical miniature of the Type J. This featured as a stretch goal for our Traveller RPG Starship Miniatures Kickstarter. Currently it is available in two different versions: the 2nd Dynasty version and the Ian Stead version.