Starship VI Part I: Sole Survivor

Starship VI Part I: Sole Survivor

We’re excited to launch our next project: Starship VI: Sole Survivor.

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On Monday, May 6th we are releasing Starship VI: Sole Survivor, a shuttle in the design language used by the great Ron Cobb.

We are offering BOTH pre-printed PHYSICAL SHIPS for the connoisseur with too little time to print, and the STL files to print yourself. The STL files start at only €20 for the Erebus and €120 for the printed ship (excluding shipping and import duties).

Although not a Traveller ship, this 3D printable has been designed with playability in mind and is an optimal build size at around 13 inches in length.

It strikes a balance between cramped and claustrophobic, and brings to the table a whole new interior.

We will also be introducing the Sole Survivor, Maggie, a brand new miniature line of sculpts by Kyoushuneko Miniatures.

In addition to the already fully printable Erebus, we are also offering the concept ship Typhon, a sister ship of the Erebus, but deceptively larger. 

At twice the size and six or seven times the displacement, Typhon has three decks, including a labyrinth of crawlspaces and a cargo bay large enough to get an APC into. It is larger than a Type S.

Erebus compared to the Shuttle Alpha MKIV

In addition, we are adding a number of themed add-ons from garage vehicles… 

To the tools to get your Sole Survivor to… well… survive. 

Starship VI will get a second part later in the year with a massive new starship, a veritable haunted house in space! While not a clone of a incredible starship in the same design language. This massive ship will have five decks and house the shuttle as its lifeboat.

If you are interested in following the project, be sure to check out our discord, and sign up to be reminded when the campaign goes live!

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