Sleipnir Crew

Sleipnir Crew

With our Sleipnir vertical thrust ship, we also introduced a line of 28 (and 32)mm scale miniatures to crew the vessel. In addition, we have placed a heavy focus on variant poses for each character, including seated, zero gravity, action, and standing.

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Latest Miniatures

The most recent additions to the Sleipnir line:

Sleipnir Miniature Value Packs

The packs are bulk discount versions of our Sleipnir crew and other Sleipnir miniatures, with several miniatures or poses packaged together.

Individual Miniature Poses

Looking for a particular pose? Get the individual miniatures as your needs arise:

Crew: Action

Sometimes you want a miniature to represent a character in combat. These miniatures are designed to have a dynamic action pose, usually with a suitable weapon.

Crew: Standing

Many roleplaying situations call for non-combat encounters, and the standing poses are ideal to represent characters loitering or going about daily business.

Crew: Seated

Poses ideal for miniatures seated at action stations aboard a vessel, specifically posed for use in the Sleipnir chairs, although they should fit in most of our other starship chairs as well.

Crew: Zero-Gravity

When you are on the float, our regular poses feel unthematic and out of place. These characters are posed as if in microgravity.

Sleipnir Stowaway Jenylin

In a sealed cargo crate in Sleipnirs cargo bay there is a stowaway. Jenylin is armed, desperate, and running out of rations.

Sleipnir Android

A maintenance android for heavy lifting and fixing things in places where it is too dangerous for humanoids to go is a must have for every ship.

Sleipnir Marine

Friend or foe? This combat marine will be whatever your tabletop RPG och Wargame needs them to be.