Support Us Monthly Through Tribes

Support Us Monthly Through Tribes

Tribes is kind of like Patreon, a way that you can support us on a monthly basis, getting awesome goodies and discounts at the same time. Unlike Patreon, Tribes is hosted on MyMiniFactory.com, our distributor, so all of the monthly bonuses automatically get attributed to your MyMiniFactory account.


Aside from helping to keep the lights on here at 2nd Dynasty, you get some amazing benefits, including:

  • Access to one or more STL releases every month, usually a vehicle
  • Voting in polls for bonus releases
  • 3Dio, a 3D Diorama design tool
  • 25%+ store discount on MyMiniFactory.com

Join our tribe and also get a welcome pack right away filled with easy to print designs.


Currently we provide three different tier levels (well, 5ish really):


At the $5 tier, you get the features mentioned in the description above.

Back Catalogue

In addition to the base benefits, you get additional models on our store each month from our back catalogue, to slowly collect.

Commercial License

You get the benefits of the Supporter tier, plus for the duration of your subscription, during this time you can print and sell any 2nd Dynasty design you own for profit.*

*The Commercial License does not include Traveller items. Mass production, as well as the sale or distribution of our STL files is strictly prohibited.

For more information on our Tribe, click here

Coming on Tribes

In April

An autonomous fourlegged AI tanker will walk it’s way into Tribers account in April. Watch out!

Tribes releases 2024 so far

Tribes Releases from 2023

Not a Triber? Get the Tribes releases in our store!

Our Tribes releases starts as exclusive for the members, but they will be available in our store at MyMiniFactory later on. Below are the ones that are available so far. Click the image and travel directly to the item.