Starship Chimera is our modular starship platform.


Numerous versions of the Chimera platform exist, by virtue of the modular nature of the design. Indeed, we have a wide variety of custom parts that can be used to modify the Chimera into just about any imaginable combination.


The standard Chimera is a massive modular starship designed for cargo hauling. A full third of its volume is occupied by a massive cargo bay.


Pathfinder is a smaller version of the Chimera platform, sometimes referred to as the Chimera Pathfinder, it is a deep space research vessel with four moveable engines for increased manoeuvrability.


The Cerberus is a warship, a system patrol gunship with a plethora of manned turret positions resembling a WWII bomber in space. It is highly effective against fighters and also tackling much larger ships.

Its most iconic features are its ‘wing’ sections containing side turrets, airlock access and droid recharging stations, as well as its distinctive triple engine configuration and forward and rear turrets.

It is armed with torpedo tubes mounted above the bridge designed to take down capital ships, allowing the Cerberus to punch way above its weight.


Pegasus is a civilian variant of Chimera designed for passenger transport.

With the same triple engine configuration as the Cerberus, the Pegasus can transport passengers in relative luxury, including the presence of an aft restaurant.

Its distinctive squat nose and angled underside set it aside from other versions of the Chimera class. It has a forward ramp as well, and airlocks on every level for passenger and cargo access.


Ataphoi is a ghost ship. Designed as a Halloween treat in 2022, it shows the evidence of its catastrophic failure across its hull. With a de-cored power plant, and multiple hull breaches, there is no wonder why she is adrift, but the mystery remains, what caused it all?

Perhaps it was some sort of science vessel testing a new technology, or a secret military project.

In any case, it is a similar size to the original Chimera, but has a distinctive dorsal mounted sensor array and twin side engines.