Shuttle Erebus

Shuttle Erebus

2024 is one big love letter to Ron Cobb and the Alien Universe. With Alien: Romulus on the way in August, it seems like an ideal time to build upon some of our earlier design work with a brand new original ship using the design language of the Narcissus, the shuttle/lifeboat on which Ripley escaped the Alien in the 1979 film of the same name.

The latest in a long line of shuttles by 2nd Dynasty, while not an official design, the Erebus is made to feel like it could fit in-universe, or be used in Star Wars, Traveller or Starfinder, any Tabletop RPG or War Game that uses sci-fi miniatures really.

We wanted the shuttle to be something that found a handy compromise between playability and a claustrophobic environment. There’s plenty of room to move around miniatures, making the interior ideal for tabletop scenarios.

The Erebus is coming to Kickstarter on April 26th, 2024. It will include not only the shuttle itself in STL digital format, but we are teaming up with John again to offer physical prints of the shuttle if you don’t own a 3D printer or if you just want a really high quality FDM print.

The model is scaled for 28mm miniatures, although it is actually about 1:59 due to 1.5 metres at full size being 25.4 mm (1″) at scale. The ship is 33 cm long, or just slightly more than 13″ in imperial measurement. At full size, the Shuttle Erebus would be about 19.6 m, or approximately 60 ft..


  • Bridge/cockpit
  • 3× cryotubes
  • Navigation table
  • HVAC room
  • Engineering room
  • Underfloor storage compartment (which can fit additional cryotubes)

The shuttle was designed with playability in mind. 28mm figures can easily be placed in its confines, including in the closet spaces for engineering panels and the HVAC hardware. It will have the possibility to be expanded length-wise and width-wise in the future.

Sign up for our upcoming Kickstarter today, which launches on April 26th, 2024!