Shuttle Alpha Mk IV

Shuttle Alpha Mk IV

In July, 2022, we launched a new short term Kickstarter, the Shuttle Alpha Mk IV, a brand new shuttle design based on the Alpha platform.

The new shuttle Alpha features fixed engines, a new nose design, interior layout, weapons hard points, a new articulated ramp design, and functional landing gear doors. It draws inspiration from starships such as the Gozanti Cruiser, Colonial Shuttle, and Freelancer.

We have also increased the fidelity of the shuttle by 4 times, meaning that prints will be less chamfered and also look better painted. We have dramatically reduced and in many instances, eliminated the need for supports, and made the alpha more print friendly than ever!

The MKIV has built in support for coin cell/LED lighting

We closed out the Kickstarter on July 18th, after having unlocked a total of 6 stretch goals and an update to the Shuttle Alpha MKIII(B).

The interior has also seen a considerable overhaul

The Shuttle Alpha MK IV then premiered on MyMiniFactory Frontiers on July 27th and during the following week we unlocked a few more stretch goals.

Click the image to see the Frontier

The Shuttle Alpha MKIV is available at MyMiniFactory, you can get it by clicking the MyMiniFactory image on the right.

The ship is fully released, printable and has assembly instructions at the ready.