Our character miniatures will give you the opportunity to populate your starships and other scenes in 28 mm scale. In addition to some generic science fiction miniatures, we also have a specific range for our Beta, Sleipnir and Traveller crews.

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Latest Miniatures

Sci-Fi Miniatures

This section is a catch all for our 28mm figures.

Miniature Pages

We have a number of dedicated 28mm figure pages with specific themes:

Scout Ship Beta Crew

The Beta Crew. A series of crewmembers made specifically for the Scout Ship Beta.

Sleipnir Crew

The Sleipnir Crew. These miniatures comes in variant poses, including seated, zero gravity, action, and standing.


The Robots. This segment includes a battlemover, androids in different poses and drones.

Official Traveller 28mm Miniatures

The Official Traveller 28mm Miniatures. As a part of our Type S Scout/Courier campaign, we released a crew for the ship as well as other different inhabitants in the Traveller universe.

Pilots and Ground Crew

Pilots and Ground Crew. As a part of our Operation Maelstroem campaign we released both pilots and a ground crew.