Traveller Small Craft

Traveller Small Craft

Small Craft

Small craft are common ships in all eras of the Traveller timeline. Unlike adventure-class ships and above, these vessels are not designed to travel between the stars, but rather, service local star systems in a variety of roles.


Last autumn, 2023, we launched the Traveller Small Craft at Kickstarter. The main attraction was the 20-Ton Launch, 30-Ton Ship’s Boat, 40-Ton Pinnace and 50-Ton Modular Cutter. If you missed the Kickstarter, you can still make a late pledge at MyMiniFactory, you will be able to download and start printing the four original Small Craft, a Slow Boat, a Two Seated Rampart and all of our classic files.

And of course, as the campaign went on, a bunch of stretch goals was unlocked thanks to all the Traveller fans who pledged and helped us make the campaign a success. The stretch goals, which are included in the All-In, Traveller Collector IV and the Ship Hoarder pledges, are currently in the making. Some of them are already done, like the Slow Boat mentioned earlier, the 10-ton Civilian Gig and vacc suits.


The Official Traveller Small Craft premiered on Kickstarter in October 2023. From the first day we realized that this campaign would be one of our best yet. Not only was it fully funded within 24 hours, twelve stretch goals was met before the campaign was done.

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