This is a catch all for items that don’t quite fit in the other categories.

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Cargo Lift

Move cargo easily between floor with these cargo lift tiles, both based and unbased.

This package includes:

  • Starship Cargo Lift Frame (EA)
  • Starship Cargo Lift
  • Cargo Lift Door

Hinged Ramp

Designed for the use with Transport Delta, this ramp is print in place, allowing it to open and close without printing fiddly secondary parts.

This package includes:

  • Special Transport Hinged Ramp v2.stl

Holographic Table

Expand your Starship deck plans with this holographic table, both based and unbased.

This package includes:

  • Based Starship Holographic Table (E)
  • Unbased Starship Holographic Table


These ladders come in two varieties, as ladder wells compatible with corridors, engineering and base tile  floor tiles, and a wall piece.

This package includes:

  • Corridor Ladder Well (E)
  • Base Ladder Well (E)
  • Engineering Ladder Well (E)
  • Ladder – Wall (IA)
  • Ladder – Flat
  • Ladder – Well Base

Ladder Well

Designed primarily for reaching turrets, these ladder wells also work well as a means to move between levels of a ship.

This package includes:

  • I Turret Ladder Well.stl


This lift consists of a housing, lift and door. 

This package includes:

  • E-Lift Housing
  • Lift
  • Lift Door

Lift Platform and Rail

Although designed for the Scout Ship Beta, this small lift platform will easily move a platform between one level and the next.

This package includes:

  • Special Lift Platform.stl
  • Special Lift Rail.stl

Special Stairs and Railing

This staircase has inbuilt clips and railings, allowing travel between half decks. The railings can be used to create barriers between your miniatures and plummets to certain death.

This package includes:

  • Special Railing.stl
  • Stairs with Railing.stl


These staircases can be used to move between decks.

This package includes:

  • Staircase (E)
  • Staircase (S)
  • Staircase (I)

Starship Ramps

Some species are challenged by staircases. Or at least were, in the old days! Still, certain backers insisted on ramps and ~ I OBEY!!!

This package includes:

  • Ramp (A)
  • Ramp Base, three quarter (A)
  • Ramp Base, half (A)
  • Ramp Base, quarter (A)
  • Ramp (S)
  • Ramp Base, three quarter (S)
  • Ramp Base, half (S)
  • Ramp Base, quarter (S)


Teleport your crew to the ground och another ship with these teleportation platforms that come in three convenient varieties.

This package includes:

  • Teleporter (EA)
  • Teleporter (E)
  • Teleporter (I)