Transport Delta 2400-Series

Transport Delta 2400-Series

The Transport Delta 2400-Series is a brand new standalone adventuring ship suitable for games in that galaxy far, far away, Starfinder, Stargrave, or any tabletop game where it might look awesome on your table! It looks incredible sitting on your tabletop or on a display shelf. Bring out your inner child with this massive build!

Although the Delta 2400-Series has the same DNA as our original Transport Delta, which premiered with Starship III way back in 2019, this design has been rebuilt from the ground up, using all the knowledge we’ve acquired in the last five years as we’ve honed our craft. It’s easy to print (support free on FDM machines), looks great at 0.2mm layer height and higher resolutions, and is optimised for getting the maximum amount of detail out of your printer!

In February 2024 we released Delta 2400-Series in a FronTiers campaign at our distributor MyMiniFactory. The campaign has ended, but the pledge manager is still open.

Built with playability in mind, the Delta 2400 has two decks, separating the crew from passengers and cargo. The brand new layout features all new models and features considered points of interest in the ship.

Distinguishing Features From Other Delta Craft

Upper deck and cockpit. Reworked support free cockpit enclosures.

Added a medbay.

Brand new turret style and quad guns on both port and starboard sides!

Added a hyperdrive.

Updated and enhanced missile room as standard.

Redesigned the engines inside and out.

Forward airlock.

Transport Delta 2400 Schematics

Model Features
  • 28mm scale (1:59/1″ square = 1.5m), and easily upscalable to 30, 32, 35 or 40mm (if your printer can handle it)
  • Articulated retractable ramp and movable turrets
  • Top lifts off for easy play
  • Includes detailed build guide and print lists
  • Assembles gluelessly
  • Customisable interior
  • Easy to paint
  • Prints support free on FDM printers
  • 174 unique parts
  • 9 build 3mf build plates included for quick and easy printing on most FDM printers
  • Engines are rigged to take LED lighting if you should choose to install it