2nd Dynasty creates 3D printable science fiction scenery for tabletop roleplaying and war games, or just for display. Our designs are influenced by the nostalgia of 80s science fiction and anime.

We have had three successful kickstarters, releasing our Starship line of 3D printable starship deck plans, compatible with the OpenLOCK system (and Dragonlock/Infinitylock by converter).


2nd Dynasty was started in 2016 as a freelance company to handle large and small animation projects. Working in closely with Dockhus Animation, we provide a wide range of services in animation, including 3D modelling, animation and rendering, visual effects, and post production in After Effects.

We have worked on award-winning films, such as Gordon & Paddy (2017) (3D effects, compositing) and My Burden (2016) (compositing), and commissioned films, such as Project Sunrise (H&M Foundation, 2016) and Biogas 2020 (Innovatum/Interreg/EU, 2016).

Since 2017, we have also developed a heavy focus on 3D printing, designing and sculpting models for use in theme park attractions at Liseberg (Ragnarök, 2017), and creating our own line of science-fiction themed OpenLOCK-compatible 3D printed objects for tabletop role-playing and tabletop war gaming, which had great success in multiple Kickstarters.