Starship Odyssey

Starship Odyssey

The Odyssey is a 28mm starship based on an original concept for what became Starship Chimera. Initially envisaged as a minor update to add curved hull pieces to the Chimera line of starships, the muses struck, and Odyssey was born.

In addition to new curved hull pieces, a completely new layout, approximately 90% of the Odyssey is actually either completely new or upgraded pieces, making it a unique ship compatible with the Chimera series.

  • New curved hull peices for the top and bottom deck
  • 6mm channels for optional aluminium support rods
  • Modular bulkhead interior parts, allowing customisation of door positions
  • Floor tiles bought to Starship: The Next Generation standard
  • Insert slot implementation

If there was one word to sum up the Odyssey’s concept, it is ‘Playability’ and we created the Odyssey to be a very scenario friendly starship design. The ship includes

  • Multi-Engine Configuration
  • FTL/Power Core
  • Generous Cargo Bay
  • Cargo lift/elevator
  • Hangar Bay – Suitable for housing a Shuttle Pod, or other very small aerospace vehicle
  • Extensive Crawlspace System
  • Two laser-lens arrays for broadside sorties and science missions
  • Large sensor array
  • Multi-level bridge bubble with an incomparible view

Tour the ship in digitally in the video below.

Starship Odyssey includes a fully realised interior and exterior that can be printed on your home FDM 3D printer, or ordered through a print service to serve tabletop miniature play or display with 25-32mm miniatures.

We offer Starship Odyssey as a downloadable STL file collection on MyMiniFactory.