3D Printable Starships

3D Printable Starships

2nd Dynasty produces a line of 3D printable starships in 28mm scaled sets. Each ship features a modular outer hull, and a modular deck plan within. The top of the ship can be removed, to reveal the deck plans and allow for actual play at your tabletop.

We do not sell completed ships, but rather make and sell the STL files to print them yourself on a home 3D printer or through a print service. This way, the costs for such large ships are much lower than they would be if you bought a 1-6 kg plastic ship at these scales.

Our ships are designed with tabletop roleplaying, wargaming and board gaming in mind. Our interiors can easily be removed and laid out on the table to complete deckplans, to make it easy for players to move about between decks and to make it easier for people to see, no matter where they sit around the table.

Click on an image to learn more about that ship design/series. For purchase information for general ships, see the bottom of the page.

We have an increasing variety of 28-mm scale 3D-printable starships ranging from a foot in length (30 cm) to over three feet (90 cm) on the table, or larger! We design base ships, and variants of those ships to offer incredible versatility and replay-ability. Our range of base ships are below, but click on the links under The Fleet for more information on each.