Starship V Sleipnir

Starship V Sleipnir

After six months of development, the Sleipnir, formerly known as the Notinante, came to Kickstarter. And she’s not coming alone!

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While the campaign ended on October 4th, 2020, the late pledge store will remain open until our next Kickstarter, allowing you the chance to pick up many of the great new ships that we offered.

The Sleipnir was an offering in the style of hard science fiction, a vertical ship in tribute to universes such as the Expanse. The ship has no artificial gravity, and relies on ablative plates for protection in the black, RCS thrusters to manoeuvre, along with some point defence cannons to chase off space pirates or redirect debris.


The Sleipnir comes with five standard crew, a rag-tag gang of hardened space mercs. Optimised for SLA printing but fully printable on fine tuned FDMs. In total, we offered thirty new miniatures (since the main heroes have multiple poses for zero-g, seated and action, as well as standing).

Deck Designer

Also premiering was Deck Designer, our new software suite to make reading assembly instructions, customizing your ships, and planning your prints a cinch! Now in beta, this tool will not only work on your 2nd Dynasty STL files, but every STL file in your library.

In time, this is going to become the standard for creating new assembly instructions, but we are hoping, also for a place for backers and fans to make available their own custom configurations and variants.

The Ships

We’ve significantly dropped the price of the Sleipnir compared to the Chimera and other ships, despite the Sleipnir being almost as large as the Chimera, but far more manageable on the tabletop. This time around we are not offering upgrade pledges, because 98% of the Sleipnir is brand new (with some remixes, but aside from WC units, more or less brand new).

The Sleipnir itself is a massive 11 deck affair, from the open bridge at the nose of the ship, to the five nozzle fusion drive in engineering at the bottom.

The Sleipnir is also joined by the Cerberus and Pegasus, two Chimera-base builds that offer specialised roles. The Cerberus is a dedicated gunboat, inspired the Gozanti cruiser and WW2 bombers, covered in manned turrets. The Pegasus is a Spaceliner, a passenger ship designed to take passengers from one world to the next. We also released a second modular Starfighter pack, with a host of new possible variants.

Cerberus Gunboat
Pegasus Spaceliner
Starfighter II

Don’t forget to late pledge if you missed out. You can check out the original Kickstarter campaign here, or make a late pledge on My Mini Factory here for some immediate printing.