28mm Scale 3D Printable Vehicles

28mm Scale 3D Printable Vehicles

Our starships are quite large, and sometimes you don’t need to get around in anything nearly as big. We also have a growing collection of vehicles to fill your tabletop, display cases, or hangars with.

All of these products and much, much more, are found on our MyMiniFactory store page. Additionally, many of these craft were originally featured at a heavy discount on our Tribes.

Please note, Starfighters are now on their own page here.

Space Vehicles

Our space vehicles are designed to operate in zero or microgravity environments. While not all are suitable for operation in an atmosphere, they can usually survive a one way trip down a gravity well.

Ground Vehicles

APCS, utility vehicles and rovers, our ground vehicles are usually wheeled and designed for use in a gravity well or under the artificial gravity of a starship.

Mechs and Power Loaders

Vehicle Value Packs

Escape Pods

Get the crew to safety in an emergency. Expand your Starship deck plans with these escape pod tiles.

This package includes:

  • Escape Pod – Airlock Shield.stl
  • Escape Pod – Interior.stl
  • Escape Pod – Nose.stl
  • Escape Pod – R – Base.stl
  • Escape Pod – Rear.stl
  • Escape Pod – Screen.stl
  • Escape Pod – Short Top Rib.stl
  • Escape Pod – Standard Top Rib.stl


A commission by one of our backers from Starship I, the gunship features articulated VTOL engines and two turrets.

This package includes:

  • Gunship

Hangar Taxi

Sometimes fighters and other starcraft need to be moved about a hangar bay, and now you can do so in style with this hangar dress setting.

This package includes:

  • Hangar Taxi


Originally a commission from Starship I to represent game pieces, this fighter is so tiny it fits in a 2×2 inch square.

This package includes:

  • Microfighter

Power Loader

Move cargo easily with a power loader. Includes articulated arms.

This package includes:

  • Power Loader

Space Fighter

Our very first starfighter, the space fighter has articulated wings and turret. Print in its current scale to use as a drone, or scale up 150-200% to have a more menacing light fighter.

This package includes:

  • Body Clip 1.0.stl
  • Bottom 1.0.stl
  • Cockpit 1.0.stl
  • Engine 1.0.stl
  • Inner Thruster Chassis 1.0.stl
  • Landing Gear 1.0.stl
  • Left Barrel 1.0.stl
  • Left Intake 1.0.stl
  • Left Wing 1.0.stl
  • Middle 1.1.stl
  • Outer Thruster Chassis 1.0.stl
  • Right Barrel 1.0.stl
  • Right Intake 1.0.stl
  • Right Wing 1.0.stl
  • Thruster 1.0.stl
  • Top 1.0.stl
  • Turret Base 1.0.stl
  • Wing Peg.stl