Any item bought, either through Kickstarter, or on sites such as MyMiniFactory and Drivethrurpg, comes with an exclusive, non-transferable, non-commercial printing license.

With this kind of license, YOU MAY:

  • Print any 2nd Dynasty STL file you own on a home 3D printer in unlimited quantities for personal use
  • Order any part you own printed through a third party 3D print service in unlimited quantities for personal use


  • Sell the STL files
  • Sell physical prints for a profit
  • Redistribute the STL files
  • Modify the files without express written permission

If you want to do any of the above, you want a commercial license:

Commercial Licensing

Commercial licenses are an extended version of the non-commercial printing licenses standard with a purchase of 2nd Dynasty STL files that allow limited for profit printing and distribution.

We now offer a Patreon service that allows interested parties in extending their non-commercial license to a limited commercial license.

Becoming a commercial license patron means that for every month you remain a patron, you have a legal right to commercially print and sell any of our designs that you have previously bought a non-commercial version of for the duration.

In addition to the commercial license to print and sell for any month, you will also get a discount on our products on My Mini Factory. These codes will be updated monthly, and allow a 25% discount.

What you may do:

  • 3D Print and sell our items for commercial purposes

What you may not do:

  • Create moulds to mass-produce 2nd Dynasty designs, without express written permission
  • Redistribute STL files or sell STL files in any way shape or form
  • Modify STL files without written permission
  • Mass produce our items

If you want to do any of the above stuff, you should contact us for a more specific license agreement.