Official Traveller 28mm Figures

Official Traveller 28mm Figures

As a part of our Type S Scout/Courier campaign, we released a variety of 28mm (rescalable to 32mm) suitable for printing on SLA printers (most items also include pre-supported miniatures).



Crew Packs

Crew packs are bulk discount versions of the Type S Scout/Courier crew, with several miniatures or poses packaged together.

Individual Crew Poses

Looking for a particular pose? Get the individual miniatures as your needs arise:


Sometimes you want a miniature to represent a character in combat. These miniatures are designed to have a dynamic action pose, usually with a suitable weapon.


Many roleplaying situations call for non-combat encounters, and the standing poses are ideal to represent characters loitering or going about daily business.


Poses ideal for miniatures seated at action stations aboard a vessel.

Lying Down

The crew need some rest now and then.


When you are on the float, our regular poses feel unthematic and out of place. These characters are posed as if in microgravity.

Other Individual Traveller Characters

There are lots of different species in the Traveller universe and some of them appear in our miniature gallery.


The Aslans are quite tall bipedal carnivores, often described as lion-like.


The Vargr are a dog-like species and our miniatures represents soldiers and bandits.


The Hivers are a nest building and technology advanced species with six limbs.


Imperial Star Marines

The Imperial Star Marines are elite interstellar forces found aboard Imperial vessels in the Traveller universe.

Other Sci-Fi Miniatures

Vacc Suits

Vacuum Suits are a necessity for space walks. Here are some vacc suits in various poses.