2nd Dynasty Day – Storewide Flash Sale!

2nd Dynasty Day – Storewide Flash Sale!

Every year since 2022 we celebrate the 22nd of February as 2nd Dynasty Day with a special 50% off flash sale for 24 hours on our MyMiniFactory store!

Get all our starfighters, vehicles, miniatures, legacy Traveller items (excluding our most recent Kickstarter) and Starships at amazing prices!

See our store here, and use the following code at checkout for the discount (works on all store items except for the Sleipnir which has the discount built in):


Every year on 2nd Dynasty Day, we drop the price of one of our most expensive items to $22.22, which means one of our awesome 28mm scale starships! This year, we go back to our favourite tail sitter!

This Year’s Ship Spotlight: Sleipnir

There is one exception to the storewide sale. You can get our Expanse-style behemoth Sleipnir for even less than 50%.

At the low, low price of just $22.22 (regular price $49.95), you’ll have 11 detail-packed decks of a ship, from fusion drive to bridge, armed with four PDCs and compatible with a variety of upgrades to give it a look closer to that of a certain legitimately salvaged Martian gunship.

Last Chance: The Brand-New Delta 2400-Series

22th of February is the end of our FronTiers campaign Transport Delta 2400-Series at MyMiniFactory. It is your last chance to get our brand-new Delta 2400-Series hero starship and have the proceedings count towards unlocking awesome Milestones/Stretch Goals!

Use the Delta as a player ship in space opera RPG sessions, set dressing or encounter locations for your Legion or Shatterpoint games, or just as something awesome to print, paint and have on the shelf. The new Delta prints entirely support free and comes with handy 3mf build plates to start printing in seconds!

Tribes Trial

If you have not been with us before, enjoy a free trial of our Tribes until the end of the month! You can already enjoy the JAS-41 Vampyren for a more terrestrial futuristic stealth fighter!

Also going live on the 22nd, we will launch the Stalwart Part II – Drive Section, the second part of our utopian future-themed warp starship!

The Stalwart Drive can function as its own standalone ship. In addition to attaching to the Stalwart Saucer, it can attach warp nacelles (next month’s release), has a retractable navigation dish, a generous cargo bay, a replicator and crew amenities. The Stalwart Drive is this month’s offering from 2nd Dynasty on Tribes.

With all three parts, you’ll be able to build this huge multi-crew ship with detachable saucer:

By trying out our tribes (thank you if you already support us!), you can grab the section while it’s on sale for half off, and stay on Tribes next month for the Nacelles (as well as a bunch of other goodies)!

Our Tribes is unique in that we focus on science fiction vehicles! From starfighters to APCs and even multi-part starships, we release a brand new 28-mm-scale, highly detailed (and often articulated) ground or aerospace vehicle every month, and often with other goodies as well! You can lift the lid off and see the amazing interiors, detach and customise weapons and ordinance as you desire.


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LeonardPosted on10:46 pm - Feb 23, 2024

Thank You for extending the flash sale through today. I hope you’ll choose to continue working on new Traveller offerings. Hopefully soon I’ll have the space to own printer, and make use of the STLs I bought today.