Sole Survivor Kickstarter Campaign Pledge Manager now Live!

After two weeks of anticipation, the Erebus shuttle is now widely available to our Kickstarter backers and the general public if you missed the Kickstarter! Late pledges are open to all, and prices remain close to Kickstarter levels. This will change in the near future, so for the best deal, get your Erebus today!

As always, our pledge manager is also on our distributor, myminifactory.com. This means that the instant you back or redeem your pledge, most files are downloadable. We will release outstanding items in the coming weeks, although the Typhon is expected to take several months.

Sole Survivor Kickstarter Campaign Now Launches on May 6th

Sole Survivor Kickstarter Campaign Now Launches on May 6th. Although we had initially set the campaign to premiere on Alien Day, on April 26th. However, we have taken the tough decision to delay launch by a few weeks. We feel the extra time will help us to provide a much better product for you!

Shuttle Alpha MKIV (top left) in comparison to the new Erebus (bottom right)

Starship VI: Sole Survivor is the first of a two-part series this year. This time we delve into the design language of the Alien universe, paying tribute to the amazing work of the late, great, Ron Cobb. The campaign features a brand new 13″ shuttle, the Erebus. And, if you like big ships, we also are making the Typhon, a supersized version of Erebus. Finally, we present a new miniature series based on a new character, Maggie. There will be a multitude of action poses which have been sculpted by Kyoushuneko Miniatures.

Additionally, we are adding new cryotubes, machinery, tools, vehicles and power loaders will be included in the campaign. The new additions are designed in a dark retro-futuristic design style that fit easily into tabletop games such as Alien, Star Wars, Traveller, Starfinder, Stargrave or any other sci-fi RPG campaign.

On the whole, with the added time, we can complete painting, prepare stretch goals and ensure that the new ship and miniatures are presented in an attractive way. We appreciate. To find out more, see our Sole Survivor page here.

Sole Survivor Kickstarter Campaign Now Launches on May 6th.

Sole Survivor: Starship VI Begins

In just four weeks we are launching our brand new Kickstarter Campaign – Starship VI: Sole Survivor. We return with an original offering using the design language of our all-time favourite film and starship artist.

Sole Survivor is the first of a two-parter. Now, we bring you the shuttle/lifeboat of a much larger ship to premiere towards the end of the year.

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2nd Dynasty Day – Storewide Flash Sale!

Every year since 2022 we celebrate the 22nd of February as 2nd Dynasty Day with a special 50% off flash sale for 24 hours on our MyMiniFactory store!

Get all our starfighters, vehicles, miniatures, legacy Traveller items (excluding our most recent Kickstarter) and Starships at amazing prices!

See our store here, and use the following code at checkout for the discount (works on all store items except for the Sleipnir which has the discount built in):


Every year on 2nd Dynasty Day, we drop the price of one of our most expensive items to $22.22, which means one of our awesome 28mm scale starships! This year, we go back to our favourite tail sitter!

This Year’s Ship Spotlight: Sleipnir

There is one exception to the storewide sale. You can get our Expanse-style behemoth Sleipnir for even less than 50%.

At the low, low price of just $22.22 (regular price $49.95), you’ll have 11 detail-packed decks of a ship, from fusion drive to bridge, armed with four PDCs and compatible with a variety of upgrades to give it a look closer to that of a certain legitimately salvaged Martian gunship.

Last Chance: The Brand-New Delta 2400-Series

22th of February is the end of our FronTiers campaign Transport Delta 2400-Series at MyMiniFactory. It is your last chance to get our brand-new Delta 2400-Series hero starship and have the proceedings count towards unlocking awesome Milestones/Stretch Goals!

Use the Delta as a player ship in space opera RPG sessions, set dressing or encounter locations for your Legion or Shatterpoint games, or just as something awesome to print, paint and have on the shelf. The new Delta prints entirely support free and comes with handy 3mf build plates to start printing in seconds!

Tribes Trial

If you have not been with us before, enjoy a free trial of our Tribes until the end of the month! You can already enjoy the JAS-41 Vampyren for a more terrestrial futuristic stealth fighter!

Also going live on the 22nd, we will launch the Stalwart Part II – Drive Section, the second part of our utopian future-themed warp starship!

The Stalwart Drive can function as its own standalone ship. In addition to attaching to the Stalwart Saucer, it can attach warp nacelles (next month’s release), has a retractable navigation dish, a generous cargo bay, a replicator and crew amenities. The Stalwart Drive is this month’s offering from 2nd Dynasty on Tribes.

With all three parts, you’ll be able to build this huge multi-crew ship with detachable saucer:

By trying out our tribes (thank you if you already support us!), you can grab the section while it’s on sale for half off, and stay on Tribes next month for the Nacelles (as well as a bunch of other goodies)!

Our Tribes is unique in that we focus on science fiction vehicles! From starfighters to APCs and even multi-part starships, we release a brand new 28-mm-scale, highly detailed (and often articulated) ground or aerospace vehicle every month, and often with other goodies as well! You can lift the lid off and see the amazing interiors, detach and customise weapons and ordinance as you desire.

New Character Miniatures in Our Store at MyMiniFactory

Two pilots in different poses and a ground crew of four workers are are now available in our store at MyMiniFactory. The miniatures was a part of our Operation Maelstroem campaign on Kickstarter.

The two pilots are sized to be seated in any of our starfighter cockpits or starship chairs. And besides the seated position they also comes in four other poses: standing, saluting while seated, in action and scrambling. Most of these includes variants with and without a helmet and they are available as individuals as well as in packages.

The ground crew consists of a marshaller, a shooter, a mechanic and a signaler. In this release they are available as individual objects. They all have variants with and without helmet.

The pilots and ground crew are skillfully sculptured by Koni Machado and Kyoushuneko Miniatures respectively.

In total there are 17 new released variations of the miniatures. And in the store you can also find a couple of earlier releases of some of the pilots in a package, in action and saluting while seated as well as the ground crew package and drivers.

Get a free Delta Shuttle Pod 3D-Printable Ship

We are in our final days of sign-up for our upcoming Transport Delta 2400-Series FronTier, launching on Tuesday, the 6th of February, 2024. If you sign up to be reminded when the campaign goes live, you’ll get immediate access to a free Delta Shuttle Pod!

The Shuttle Pod prints entirely support free on an FDM printer. It features our new cockpit design based on the old Transport Delta 1700-Series. It can either replace the forward airlock on the upcoming Delta 2400-series or be used in lieu of the 1700 cockpit.

The Delta Shuttle Pod shown in the lower right corner compared to the Delta 2400-Series

Speaking of which, if you haven’t picked up the 1700-series, it will be offered in this upcoming campaign. The Shuttle Pod design was fun to work on and prints in a matter of hours. It looks good painted or unpainted, ready to use in your game. The cockpit lid is easily removed to access the detailed interior during play. Of course, the design is in our standard 28mm scale (~1:60).

Don’t miss out on a free item! Get notified by February 5th at the latest to take advantage of this offer, with no commitment required. Follow the link on the image below to get yours today!

Free Transport Delta Update!

The very end of the year sees the much needed update of our classic space opera design, the Transport Delta. This ship, originally conceived in 2019 for our Starship III Kickstarter. Using the design language of a galaxy far, far away, is very popular with our customers.

Despite this popularity, the Delta is a design that I (Ben) have been a bit embarrassed about. As far as construction goes, to me, the Delta always felt a little rushed. In addtion, the design certainly was not up to our modern standards of quality, detail and printability.

Enter the Delta 1700-Series:

The 1700-Series represents a modernisation of the Transport Delta to our 2023 standards. This all started when we partnered with Kathy Millatt Modelling during her Corrix Lava Moon Kickstarter. As a part of the campaign, Kathy produced a 35mm upscaled Transport Delta. We offered the Delta as an optional add-on.

I made some quality of life changes to the Delta to fix the worst issues as she printed the ship, primarily focusing on reducing reliance on supports and addressing the engine issues. In addtiion, whilst revisiting this old design, I felt there were additional areas that I could improve upon. I told Kathy that I would be adding a few refinements for her customers and a free update for mine.

What followed was a feature creep that Chris Roberts would be proud of. In the end, I spent around a month updating the design, and not just for printability.


Changes include:

  • Increased printability of the ship – it can now be printed almost entirely support free!
  • Redesigned the entire interior of the ship, including all new support-free models
  • Revamped the forward cargo bays, including new grate-like interior floors
  • We reinforced the cockpit neck, adding two additional clip holes so it should now no longer droop
  • Added 6mm metal support rod channels if you want to reinforce the hull with additional supports
  • Modified the ventral hull to have a turret port as standard with airlock hatch
  • Updated the side turret models to our new Standard MK23 Turret
  • Added a new rear ramp based on the Odyssey extendable ramp with a new ramp cowl
  • Reworked the engines to become modular and they also no longer require removal if you want to take the top off
  • Added basic lighting support
  • Fully detailed assembly manual

Despite the amount of work I spent updating the Delta, the update is completely free. This applies to all past customers who backed or purchased a Delta. The update can be found in your existing downloads for the ship.

In the future, to help offset the costs of the update, which includes over 95% new or updated pieces, we are launching the 2400-series in February, on My Mini Factory Frontiers. This will include a brand new interior layout and additional updates of our classic design.

Stay tuned for more information on that, and in the meantime, enjoy our brand new Delta update wherever you got your Delta from.

Get an Awesome Official Traveller G-Carrier on Kickstarter

We made a G-Carrier! Free with this month’s tribe, or an All-In Pledge or above on our latest Kickstarter for Official Traveller Small Craft. This is based on an old Megatraveller design that we interpreted from a side illustration.

The vehicle has room for two crew and 12 marines. It prints easily and features:

  • A clamshell rear hatch
  • An openable top hatch
  • A posable turret
  • Folding seats

This was a fun project to design, and took about five days to get on the printer from concept to delivery. It was a team effort, with Ben leading the design and John refining for printing.

Get your G-Carrier today by either joining our Kickstarter, making a Late Pledge, or subscribing to Tribes in October 2023.

Small Craft

In September (tentatively) we are offering our next official Traveller licensed Kickstarter, the Small Craft campaign. We are introducing some of the smaller, more practical craft from the Traveller universe at 28mm scale.

For the very first time, we are working with options to provide the 20 ton Launch, the smallest of the small craft, as a physical print for Traveller fans without a 3D printer. While this will still be an FDM print, with FDM print quality, we believe we can offer a decent price.

At the moment, we have a sign up page open to collect backer interest in the campaign. We’d love it if you save the date.

Maelstrom Final Hours!

Operation Maelstrom is coming to a close! We have over 300 backers and almost 20K funded in this mini Kickstarter campaign. Don’t miss out on the best prices! If you are late, enjoy the late pledge over at MyMiniFactory.com