Get a free Delta Shuttle Pod 3D-Printable Ship

Get a free Delta Shuttle Pod 3D-Printable Ship

We are in our final days of sign-up for our upcoming Transport Delta 2400-Series FronTier, launching on Tuesday, the 6th of February, 2024. If you sign up to be reminded when the campaign goes live, you’ll get immediate access to a free Delta Shuttle Pod!

The Shuttle Pod prints entirely support free on an FDM printer. It features our new cockpit design based on the old Transport Delta 1700-Series. It can either replace the forward airlock on the upcoming Delta 2400-series or be used in lieu of the 1700 cockpit.

The Delta Shuttle Pod shown in the lower right corner compared to the Delta 2400-Series

Speaking of which, if you haven’t picked up the 1700-series, it will be offered in this upcoming campaign. The Shuttle Pod design was fun to work on and prints in a matter of hours. It looks good painted or unpainted, ready to use in your game. The cockpit lid is easily removed to access the detailed interior during play. Of course, the design is in our standard 28mm scale (~1:60).

Don’t miss out on a free item! Get notified by February 5th at the latest to take advantage of this offer, with no commitment required. Follow the link on the image below to get yours today!

Ben (2nd Dynasty)