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Shuttle Alpha is Getting a Makeover

Whilst procrastinating work on Starship V, I decided to revisit the good old shuttle Alpha. This was the very first ship in the fleet, and my design work has come a long way since then.

The simple version of the shuttle does not have the modifications for the interior. This is something I need to address, and also there is no version of the detail version of the shuttle with the landing gear retracted.

So what did I do? Ignore these issues and start detailing the interior! There is a lot of wasted space in the interior of the shuttle. Especially once the standard layout tiles are in place. While it seemed a good idea to have seating, showing the inside of the walls, it used up almost an inch of interior space by itself. So I will probably revisit the interior tiles as well.

The much roomier interior…

In all, the planned changes include the following:

  • Restructuring the folders to have the detail version be default
  • Only adding detail to the lower section of the fuselage – with the top on, you can’t see the extra details anyway
  • Updating the low detail version forward fuselage to have the correct groove for supporting cockpit tiles
  • Detail version of the shuttle to get a version with landing gear retracted

If I have time, I am also looking at:

  • Doing a print in place hinged version of the shuttle ramp
  • Making new tiles for the cargo bay, removing the internal wall structure

Starship IV Pledge Manager

The pledge manager for Starship IV is currently open on My Mini Factory. Unlike past pledge managers which used BackerKit, the MMF pledge manager allows you to redeem, upgrade and add to your pledge in real time, allowing direct download of your files.

You can check out the pledge manager here:

Starship IV Pledge Manager (MMF)

This is the last chance to get all the Kickstarter bonus goodies in the stretch goals!

Starship IV is Live!

We are back with a brand new Kickstarter, this time with a brand new ship, bigger than we have ever built before!

Starship III Late Pledges Open

We had an amazing run, raising over 600,000 SEK for Starship III. We are currently in the process of delivery, which will take until June. Until then, we have opened the campaign back up to late pledges!

Edit: The pledge manager is now closed.

Bonus 256K Stretch Goal!

Since last campaign we made 256K SEK on Kickstarter, we wanted to release a special add-on to celebrate the milestone of Starship III officially becoming our best campaign to date!

Twitch Stream

On Wednesday we streamed the development of the Transport Delta interior.

Watch Transport Delta Ship Interior Development Livestream from 2nddynasty on www.twitch.tv