New Character Miniatures in Our Store at MyMiniFactory

New Character Miniatures in Our Store at MyMiniFactory

Two pilots in different poses and a ground crew of four workers are are now available in our store at MyMiniFactory. The miniatures was a part of our Operation Maelstroem campaign on Kickstarter.

The two pilots are sized to be seated in any of our starfighter cockpits or starship chairs. And besides the seated position they also comes in four other poses: standing, saluting while seated, in action and scrambling. Most of these includes variants with and without a helmet and they are available as individuals as well as in packages.

The ground crew consists of a marshaller, a shooter, a mechanic and a signaler. In this release they are available as individual objects. They all have variants with and without helmet.

The pilots and ground crew are skillfully sculptured by Koni Machado and Kyoushuneko Miniatures respectively.

In total there are 17 new released variations of the miniatures. And in the store you can also find a couple of earlier releases of some of the pilots in a package, in action and saluting while seated as well as the ground crew package and drivers.