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23rd May 2023 No Comments

Operation Maelstrom

On the 14th of June, 2nd Dynasty returns to Kickstarter with Operation Maelstrom, a campaign introducing eight new Aerospace Vehicles to our line up, along with a host of accessories, including a terrestrial outpost, pilots, ground crew, and accessories. This campaign will feature several vehicles that have only had a premiere on Tribes over the […]

19th April 2023 No Comments

Starfighters and Turrets

This is a working title, but we are now in production of our next Frontier, Starfighters III. As the name implies, we will be doing a new set of semi-modular starfighters, but also the accoutrements you might expect in an air field or hangar environment. Boarding ladders, fuel tanks, ancillary vehicles, landing pads and modular […]

22nd February 2023 No Comments

Odyssey Launched Today!

At 15:00 local time today, Odyssey launched, our brand new massive starship based on the Chimera original concept. The ship is multi-level, boasts a small hangar, a duct system spanning the entire ship, a massive cluster of engines, and an enormous multi-level bubble bridge. The first 48 hours, the All In pledge, which includes over […]