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20th October 2023 No Comments

Get an Awesome Official Traveller G-Carrier on Kickstarter

We made a G-Carrier! Free with this month’s tribe, or an All-In Pledge or above on our latest Kickstarter for Official Traveller Small Craft. This is based on an old Megatraveller design that we interpreted from a side illustration. The vehicle has room for two crew and 12 marines. It prints easily and features: This […]

17th August 2023 2 Comments

Designing the Small Craft of the Third Imperium

While we have spent the last three years bringing the Type S Scout/Courier, Type J Seeker, and the mighty Type A(L) Free Trader Beowulf into 28mm and a plethora of vessels as Starship Miniatures, we have thus far neglected the true backbone of the Third Imperium – Small Craft. While the larger hero ships of […]

21st July 2023 No Comments

Small Craft

In September (tentatively) we are offering our next official Traveller licensed Kickstarter, the Small Craft campaign. We are introducing some of the smaller, more practical craft from the Traveller universe at 28mm scale. For the very first time, we are working with options to provide the 20 ton Launch, the smallest of the small craft, […]