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16th April 2020 No Comments

Shuttle Alpha is Getting a Makeover

Whilst procrastinating work on Starship V, I decided to revisit the good old shuttle Alpha. This was the very first ship in the fleet, and my design work has come a long way since then. The simple version of the shuttle does not have the modifications for the interior. This is something I need to […]

9th February 2020 No Comments

Starship IV Pledge Manager

The pledge manager for Starship IV is currently open on My Mini Factory. Unlike past pledge managers which used BackerKit, the MMF pledge manager allows you to redeem, upgrade and add to your pledge in real time, allowing direct download of your files. You can check out the pledge manager here: Starship IV Pledge Manager […]

27th October 2019 No Comments

Starship IV is Live!

We are back with a brand new Kickstarter, this time with a brand new ship, bigger than we have ever built before!