Starship III Late Pledges Open

Starship III Late Pledges Open

We had an amazing run, raising over 600,000 SEK for Starship III. We are currently in the process of delivery, which will take until June. Until then, we have opened the campaign back up to late pledges!

Edit: The pledge manager is now closed.

Ben (2nd Dynasty)

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Daniel KeeganPosted on11:24 am - Aug 6, 2019

I found your campaign and saw there was a late pledge option still open, I’ve opted in for the ALL IN level and have received the receipt via email. It links to the backerkit page that says the items have been shipped, but wondering where the download links can be found for the files?
Thanks in advance

    Ben (2nd Dynasty)Posted on9:09 am - Feb 16, 2020

    Hi Dan, I am quite sure we figured this out some other way from memory, but for others, emails were sent out containing links with a redemption code on Drivethrurpg.com. These emails notoriously end up in spam folders or sorted strangely by gmail/yahoo, etc. So do a mail search for drivethrurpg.com and you should find your redemption codes.

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