Starship IV is Live!

Starship IV is Live!

We are back with a brand new Kickstarter, this time with a brand new ship, bigger than we have ever built before!

Ben (2nd Dynasty)

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ThomasPosted on5:34 pm - Nov 16, 2019

Discord is probably the platform I am most on personally, where you have the best chance to see what I’ve been up to, ask questions or hang out. You can find d Dynasty here on Discord. We post often also on the MMF Discord. We have a Twitch channel with our production sessions from our live streams. So follow us there if you want to see more behind the scenes during the campaign.

PatrickPosted on4:03 am - Dec 5, 2019

If previously backed as a Collector in Starship III, this will update your collection to complete once again.

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