Traveller License!

Traveller License!

We would like to officially announce that we now have the license to produce ship designs from the Traveller RPG universe! In collaboration with Marc Miller of Far Future Enterprises, our next campaign will bring you two iconic Traveller starships to your tabletop in full 28mm scale glory!

Just a skeleton at the moment… but soon a ship…

We have hinted at this in our social media for a very long time, but we are currently in production now, starting with the Type S Scout Ship. This hopefully marks the beginning of a beautiful far future with 3D printable ships, ship minis, and 28mm miniatures of crew, aliens and other items to populate the thrid imperium.

Ben (2nd Dynasty)

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DennisPosted on6:59 am - Feb 9, 2021

This is free trader Beowulf calling anyone. Mayday, mayday…..