MKIV on FronTiers!

MKIV on FronTiers!

Our brand new Shuttle Alpha variant has been released, the core files being available for download for all our Kickstarter backers, and anyone else who wants to purchase it.

Until August 3rd, we have an open funding period on FronTiers. What is FronTiers? It’s My Mini Factory’s new launch feature. FronTiers is a hybrid between the Kickstarter concept and a new release – the core files are released immediately, but for a limited time, there a Stretch Goal-like bonuses called Milestones. After this period, no more milestones are unlocked, but the files remain on the market.

Already we have unlocked an additional two milestones, which combined with the Kickstarter edition of the MK IV, includes a total of two ship designs and 8 variants.

Ben (2nd Dynasty)

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LillianPosted on3:35 am - Aug 4, 2022

I just finished the Alpha and I was in love . or so I thought. This ship detail is insane! I can’t wait to see what’s next!