Just 3 Days Until Beowulf!

Just 3 Days Until Beowulf!

In just a few more days, we go live with the Free Trader Beowulf Kickstarter campaign! In addition to offering our epic Free Trader STL files, for the first time we are also deriving beautiful deck plans from our models, for use in PDF/poster maps AND online VTT gaming.

Beowulf launches October 24th! Join 900 other fans waiting for the campaign to come out here.

Me (Ben) on set, as we filmed for the pitch video yesterday (October 21st)
Ben (2nd Dynasty)

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cliffPosted on11:08 am - Oct 25, 2022

Out of curiosity, could you give us a very rough swag as to how much we might pay to print this via a commercial printer? I want to buy this for a friend for Christmas, but neither of us have a printer. I’m happy to go to a service, but as I am pitching it to our circle of friends as a group buy, it would really help me to have a ballpark figure for how much it might cost to print the thing.

I know you can’t give us exact figures, not asking for that, but an idea of the general amount would really help.


    Ben (2nd Dynasty)Posted on11:48 am - Oct 25, 2022

    This is really hard for me to say. Materials may cost around $100, so it is whatever they might charge on top of that. There are 250 parts, and I would estimate you might be looking at 2-3 times those costs. BUT I should warn you, that a Beowulf could likely not be printed before Christmas, the third party would need a printing farm of half a dozen machines to print out the ship over, say a couple of weeks. Release will be early December.