Firefly Coming to Tribes

Firefly Coming to Tribes

The Firefly is a fan-chosen design that is coming to Tribes. Tribes is a sort of Patreon-equivalent service for 2nd Dynasty, only instead of just supporting us, you get bonus STL files every month, some of them which are exclusive to the service.

Firefly concept with and without a tail fin – the final version will have a deployable fin

The Firefly was based on an old sketch of mine from 2006. The design actually made it to print using the d20 Future system way back when, published under UKG Publishing. My 3D skills were extremely limited then, but the years of experience (and having long since completed my 10K hours in hard surface modelling), this time around I feel the result is much more impressive.

The Firefly, scratch built. Lightning fast development time compared to Traveller!

The cockpit interior is based on the Stinger, our most recent enclosed rotor aircraft for our cyberpunk month (available as a part of Tribes), and so far the forward first half of the ship is ready for test printing. Aside from the armaments, landing gear and interior cockpit, the entire fighter is scratch-built over two days (and counting).

The runner up might make another appearance further down the line.

The Gaeru Barth is inspired by a VF-1D head, and a variety of Zentradi and Gamalas aerospacecraft

To join the tribe, or find out more, check it out here!

Ben (2nd Dynasty)