Operation Maelstrom

Operation Maelstrom

On the 14th of June, 2nd Dynasty returns to Kickstarter with Operation Maelstrom, a campaign introducing eight new Aerospace Vehicles to our line up, along with a host of accessories, including a terrestrial outpost, pilots, ground crew, and accessories.

This campaign will feature several vehicles that have only had a premiere on Tribes over the last few months, including the ASF-09 Firefly, the Spidercrab, the Stinger and the Gaeru Barth.

However, brand new variants based on these platforms are also featured, including the Pirate Breaching Pod, that adds a gnarly sawtooth to the Spidercrab, the Hornet interceptor, a new take on the Stinger for civilian police units, the Astrofire variant of the Firefly for those who are looking for a more venomous silhouette, and the Gaeru Zalg, which is an alien design with a massive converging beam cannon mounted underneath the fuselage.

Of course, to take care of our loyal Tribes backers, there will be a Tribes Only all-in pledge with a hefty discount for the All-In pledge so you are not double-paying for these vehicles and get maximum benefits.

Get in early today and register to be notified when the campaign goes live on June 14th!

Ben (2nd Dynasty)