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Beowulf and 3Dio

This week we have launched a new video and started work on Deck Designer 2. We feel that we need to rebrand Deck Designer, as the name, out of context, is readily associated with card deck designing, which does not adequately convey its purpose.

Enter 3Dio Print Planner, 3Dio being short for 3D Diorama. It’s unofficial theme song is Holy Diver by Dio for obvious reasons.

Anyone who has purchased Deck Designer in the last six months will get a free upgrade. We will also be offering it as a part of our upcoming Tribes launch! More to come on that, in the meantime, enjoy the film.

Final 48 Hours for Traveller Ship Miniatures Kickstarter!

Our official Traveller RPG Starship Miniatures have been on Kickstarter for the last three weeks, but the campaign is coming to an end on midnight of Monday, the 22nd of November, 2021.

Get your pledge in today!

20,000€ In the First Day

We have just launched our sixth Kickstarter, official Traveller Starship Miniatures, which has already acrued more than 20K in less than a day.

Promising to be one of our most successful kickstarters to date, the campaign runs through to midnight on the 22nd of November, 2021, and features our most print-friendly and accessible range of products to date!