Starfighters and Turrets

This is a working title, but we are now in production of our next Frontier, Starfighters III. As the name implies, we will be doing a new set of semi-modular starfighters, but also the accoutrements you might expect in an air field or hangar environment. Boarding ladders, fuel tanks, ancillary vehicles, landing pads and modular defences.

In addition, we have revamped the original turret from Scout Ship Beta, adding a space for a gunner, a narrower profile, and frame detail, all in a print friendly manner. This is going to be called the MK23 standard turret, and will be a free update in the future.

Odyssey Launched Today!

At 15:00 local time today, Odyssey launched, our brand new massive starship based on the Chimera original concept. The ship is multi-level, boasts a small hangar, a duct system spanning the entire ship, a massive cluster of engines, and an enormous multi-level bubble bridge.

The first 48 hours, the All In pledge, which includes over $105 of items for $60, is even further reduced to celebrate 2nd Dynasty Day.

Check out the Odyssey here.

2nd Dynasty Day!

Tomorrow, Wednesday, the 22nd of February, 2023, is 2nd Dynasty Day! We are having a special 50% off flash sale for 24 hours only,

Use the code: 2ndDynastyDay2023 to get 50% off all store items for one day only on our MyMiniFactory Store!

Spidercrab Available!

This month’s Tribes offering is now available on Tribes! The spidercrab is our first utility vehicle, inspired by the Spiderbug of the Super Dimensional Fortress Macross TV series (1982). It is an industrial grade space tug, salvager and repair vehicle, which may on occasion be appropriated by pirates for less scrupulous activities.

Free Turret

We just released a new turret pack on Frontiers to expand the weaponry of our Free Trader Beowulf.

The new turret pack adds a staggering 19 new variants, with two Turret chassis variants. They are cross-compatible with all our turret ports, making them available to a wide variety of ships.

To celebrate the release, we made a Beowoulf style conversion of the Type S turret, which features full articulation. To get your hands on this FREE release, go to the Frontier, select Tiers, and scroll down to the add-ons to add the Turret to your collection.

Firefly Coming to Tribes

The Firefly is a fan-chosen design that is coming to Tribes. Tribes is a sort of Patreon-equivalent service for 2nd Dynasty, only instead of just supporting us, you get bonus STL files every month, some of them which are exclusive to the service.

Firefly concept with and without a tail fin – the final version will have a deployable fin

The Firefly was based on an old sketch of mine from 2006. The design actually made it to print using the d20 Future system way back when, published under UKG Publishing. My 3D skills were extremely limited then, but the years of experience (and having long since completed my 10K hours in hard surface modelling), this time around I feel the result is much more impressive.

The Firefly, scratch built. Lightning fast development time compared to Traveller!

The cockpit interior is based on the Stinger, our most recent enclosed rotor aircraft for our cyberpunk month (available as a part of Tribes), and so far the forward first half of the ship is ready for test printing. Aside from the armaments, landing gear and interior cockpit, the entire fighter is scratch-built over two days (and counting).

The runner up might make another appearance further down the line.

The Gaeru Barth is inspired by a VF-1D head, and a variety of Zentradi and Gamalas aerospacecraft

To join the tribe, or find out more, check it out here!

50% off 2nd Dynasty Store!

The MyMiniFactory.com Black Friday sale is on from now until November 30, with 50% off all store items for everyone! No better time to get one of our older ships.


Does not include Frontiers, Pledge Managers or Tribes content.

Beowulf Final Hours

Free Trader Beowulf is in its final hours on Kickstarter, and we have managed to unlock 12 stretch goals so far, wrapping up 24 hours of crowdfunding which has bought in over 60, 000 euros!

The Kickstarter may be ending, but the Beowulf itself will soon be released on MyMiniFactory.com in early December!

Rampart by Kathy Millatt

Friend of 2nd Dynasty, Kathy Millatt has done an awesome diorama based around the Rampart fighter! The Rampart is available as a standalone or as a part of the Beowulf Kickstarter! Check out the video, and give Kathy a like, comment or sub!

Free Trader Beowulf Funded!

Last night, we released the Free Trader Beowulf. Half a day later, we have funded completely, with the first stretch goal unlocked! Help support 2nd Dynasty’s most ambitious project!

To get your own copy of the Beowulf, or its deck plans, follow the link here.